Whatever Forever

by John Gutenberger

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This is a record i made in March of 2013 at ExEx Audio in Seattle WA. Robert Cheek recorded the songs. By Sunlight served as my backing band. Enjoy.


released February 17, 2014

Johnny- Vocals and guitar
Robert Cheek- Additional guitars/Shakers
Mike Sparks- Keys
John O'connell- Drums
Jack Clemens- Bass
Evan Ferro- Claps and slide guitar



all rights reserved


John Gutenberger Los Angeles, California

Bass playing songwriter dude. Far, Jackpot, Milwaukee, Two Sheds, Ghostporn etc.

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Track Name: Here We Are
Here we are
We've gone so far
In a couple of days we won't care any more
I don't care any more
Track Name: Someone To Lose
It's A lonely life we ride
It's A wonder we're all still alive
The wounded, the loss of life. It's tearing me up inside

Everybody's got someone to lose
There ain't nothing you can do
Try and hide it it's no use
Everybody's got someone to lose

Keep your eyes shut or my wish won't come true

Everybody's got someone to lose
Now it looks like me and you try and hide it it's no use
Everybody's got someone to lose
Track Name: Will I Be There For You
I don't want to shake it up, but I think I need to
There's only so much you can take till you've got to break through
It looks like the ship is going down and we're going too
I can't remember how it started, but when we're through

Will I be there for you?

We can walk down. We can fall down. We'll get there.
Wish for sweet dreams. Scream through my teeth. It's not fair
Let's turn this whole thing back around if we still care
You tell your secrets, i'll tell you mine, but when you get scared

Will I be there for you?
Track Name: Chuck's the One
You and me ain't got a lot and I don't wanna make it stop
The way I feel, it ain't gonna change
I'm pleased to be the one you call your best friend in the whole world
If we believe it ain't gonna change

And if you fall apart i'll be the light at the end of the tunnel
I cross my heart

We're free to speak, but we don't wanna talk a lot and we don't chalk it up to much cause we ain't gonna change
The world is ours. At least tonight we ain't got nothing to fight about or for
And that ain't gonna change

And if you fall apart i'll be the light at the end of the tunnel
If you fall apart
Track Name: Happy
Everybody's going out tonight
Everybody's looking for some fight
Me, i'm inside where i'm happy
I never wanna look into the sky
I never wanna look into your eyes
I'm dreaming tonight where i'm happy

All day we pray our lives will be saved

I pour another glass, knock it down
I've fallen on my face, i've kissed the ground
I need you now so badly

All day we pray our lived will be saved
Track Name: One Of These Days
We're gonna be famous have our name in lights
One of these days if we get out alive

Always changing our mind
Always taking our time
Track Name: I'll Turn It All Around
Tell me whatever you want
I'll turn it all around
Track Name: Sad Songs
Let me have A photograph
Memories burned to ashes
Fallen leaves follow me home
Broke things, glue and plastic
Big dreams that grow then crash into me
Sad songs

And I know you're out tonight running all the lights
If you come back i'll never be alone